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Student Readiness and Progress Through School

Many states center their reform initiatives on readiness at the early childhood level and at the end of compulsory education, to ensure that students begin and leave school with the skills they need. The tables in this section present data on early childhood education reform efforts, statewide high school graduation policies and assessments, as well as kindergarten, college, and work readiness policies. Additional national information on early childhood education and school readiness is available from the NCES Early Childhood Longitudinal Study and National Household Education Survey.

Data Tables

Table 5.1 Compulsory school attendance laws, minimum and maximum age limits for required free education, by state: 2017
Table 5.2 Early childhood school readiness definitions, assessments, and interventions for children not meeting expectations, by state: 2016
Table 5.3 Types of state and district requirements for kindergarten entrance and attendance, waivers and exemptions for kindergarten entrance, by state: 2018  Updated!
Table 5.4 Types of promotion and graduation practices based on statewide exit and end-of-course exams, by state: 2013
Table 5.5 State high school exit exams, by exam characteristics and state: 2017  Updated!
Table 5.6 States administering specific college entrance exams to students, and college- and career-readiness assessments, by state: 2014 and 2016
Table 5.7 State course credit requirements for high school graduation, by state: 2008
Table 5.8 Alternative paths to graduation for students with disabilities, by state: 2007
Table 5.9 State high school college-readiness policies, by state: 2015
Table 5.10 Percent and number of children enrolled in state prekindergarten programs, by state: 2016–17  Updated!
Table 5.11 State high school completion credentials, by state: 2013
Table 5.12 Work readiness definitions, states offering high school diplomas with career specialization, and K-12 systems offering pathways to certification, licenses or credits for postsecondary education systems, by state: 2012–13
Table 5.13 Arts education policies, by state: 2018  Updated!
Table 5.14 Number of instructional days and hours in the school year, by state: 2018  Updated!
Table 5.15 States and districts with computer science as a high school graduation requirement, by state: 2016–17
Table 5.16 Four–year graduation rate baselines and goals in state Every Student Succeeds Act plans, by state: 2018