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Assessment and Standards

Many states have undertaken reform efforts centered on educational standards and student assessment. The tables in this section feature data on content and performance standards, statewide assessments by grade level and content area, and the alignment of standards and assessments.

Data Tables

Table 2.1 School level in which state has standards that are course- or grade-specific, by state: 2011–12
Table 2.2 State high school completion credentials, by state: 2013
Table 2.3 English/Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics statewide high school assessments, by state: 2016–17
Table 2.4 Science statewide assessments in grades 3-8, by state: 2016–17
Table 2.5 Science statewide high school assessments and grade administered, by state: 2016–17
Table 2.6 Early childhood school readiness definitions, assessments, and interventions for children not meeting expectations, by state: 2016
Table 2.7 Use of technology and capacity to use technology, by state: 2008–09
Table 2.8 Types of state high school policies for college readiness, by state: 2012–13
Table 2.9 Types of promotion and graduation practices based on statewide exit and end-of-course exams, by state: 2013
Table 2.10 State high school exit exams, by exam characteristics and state: 2011–12
Table 2.11 States administering specific college entrance exams to students, and college- and career-readiness assessments, by state: 2014 and 2016
Table 2.12 Alternative paths to graduation for students with disabilities, by state: 2007
Table 2.13 State course credit requirements for high school graduation, by state: 2008
Table 2.14 School level in which student assessments are aligned to state standards, by subject and state: 2011–12
Table 2.15 State efforts to support district and school implementation of Common Core State Standards/College- and Career-Ready Standards, by state: 2013
Table 2.16 Social studies statewide assessment name, grade administered, and assessment type, by state: 2009–10
Table 2.17 State adoption of mathematics and English/Language Arts Common Core State Standards Initiative, by state: 2015
Table 2.18 Arts education policies, by state: 2017
Table 2.19 State prekindergarten standards and teacher qualifications, by state: 2015–16
Table 2.20 English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics statewide assessments in grades 3–8, by state: 2016–17
Table 2.21 States and districts with computer science as a high school graduation requirement, by state: 2016–17
Table 2.22 Administration of computer–based state assessments in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics in grades 4 and 8, school year when state transitioned to the administration of computer–based assessments, and availability of a paper and pencil option: By state, various years  New!