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High School Completion

Many states center their reform initiatives on the final years of compulsory education to ensure that students leave school with the skills they need. The tables in this section present data on statewide high school graduation policies and assessments, as well as alternative paths to graduation and college entrance exams. Please visit the State Education Practices table archive for more tables on high school completion.

Data Tables

Table 3.1 States administering specific college entrance exams to students, by state: 2018
Table 3.2 Alternative paths to graduation for students with disabilities, by state: 2007
Table 3.3 State course credit requirements for high school graduation, by state: 2018
Table 3.4 Four–year graduation rate baselines and goals in state Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plans, by state: 2018


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Link 3.01 State high school exit exams, by exam characteristics and state: 2017

Please note: Data on this site are drawn from a wide variety of sources, primarily outside NCES. These data are largely self-reported by the states. Each source collected the data using research methods specific to its organization. Readers should take care when comparing data from different sources as the data may not be comparable due to differences in procedures and timing of data collection. Updates to this site occur as source organizations release new data. This site is intended as a broad reference tool and not meant to serve as a comprehensive repository of policy developments.