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2019 Grant Application

The KEDS Initiative: Strengthening the Foundation for Kansas Student Outcomes

Start Date: 3/1/2020
End Date: 2/29/2024

Project Director: Kathi Grossenbacher

Amount Awarded: $3,348,981

Project Abstract 134 KB

Major Outcomes:

  • Infrastructure Priority
    • Deployment of a Statewide Student Information System (SSIS) to modernize the infrastructure and operations that support data collection, analysis, and dissemination;
    • Implementation of Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) to promote increased interoperability and gains in efficiency with tools such as Generate;
    • Augmentation of KSDE Data Quality Certification Programs to enhance current offerings and emphasize LEA commitments to data management, security, and integrity;
    • Transformation of P20W Data Sharing Capabilities to replace manual processes and build interoperable mechanisms to support delivery of applicable SLDS data;
    • Customization of SSIS Capabilities for LEAs to provide strategic insight from KSDE-collected data and promote easier information exchanges between LEAs.

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2009-ARRA Grant Application

Unifying Data Systems to Support Systemic Change in Education

Start Date: 7/1/2010
End Date: 6/30/2014

Project Director: Elaine Wiley

Amount Awarded: $9,060,442

Project Application 16.0 MB

Project Abstract 128 KB

Major Outcomes:

  • Expand the ability of the state longitudinal data system to link across the P-20 education pipeline and across state agencies.
  • Ensure that data can be accessed, analyzed and used; and communicate data to all stakeholders to promote continuous improvement.
  • Build the capacity of educators to use the system to develop expertise in effective practices; to use academic and behavioral data to inform instructional decisions; and to evaluate the effect of their decisions on student learning; and build the capacity of other stakeholder to use longitudinal data for effective decision making.

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2009 Grant Application

Data Informed Education Leadership

Start Date: 5/2/2009
End Date: 4/30/2013

Project Director: Kathy Gosa

Amount Awarded: $3,911,792

Project Application 5.0 MB

Project Abstract 110 KB

Major Outcomes:

  • Provide secure access to integrated, quality education data: Year 1
    • Continuously improve data quality and security:
      • Use automated testing software to ensure quality and validity of changes to KSDE collection applications.
      • Expand the KSDE Data Quality Certification (DQC) Program.
      • Enhance Data Audit Program.
      • Implement DQC program for postsecondary (PS).
      • Ensure secure and robust data architecture and processes.
    • Connect data systems:
      • Implement an e-transcript solution.
      • Create student operational data store (ODS).
      • Expand data in KSDE Enterprise Data System (EDS).
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2007 Grant Application

Kansas Initiative for Use of Education Data

Start Date: 8/1/2007
End Date: 5/31/2011

Project Director: Kathy Gosa

Amount Awarded: $3,834,796

Project Application 12.5 MB

Project Abstract 99 KB

Major Outcomes:

  • Enhance Enterprise Data System:
    • Enhance student tracking, including dropouts:
      • Implement tracking of claims and exits using SIF technology.
      • Investigate electronic transcripts for Kansas public & private schools.
    • Enable study of impact on achievement of course sequencing, programs, and teacher preparation:
      • Implement Standard State Course Codes (SSCC).
      • Include State Student IDs & student master data management (MDM) procedures in Migrant data collection application.
      • Establish educator IDs and integrate educator applications.
      • Load student-level program data (historical and on-going) into EDS and update the Enterprise Metadata repository.
      • Enhance Student Data Collection to collect Courses Completed for each high school student.
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