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Grantee State - Iowa


2012 Grant Application

Iowa’s Education Outcome Collaborative: Building on P-20W Efforts

Start Date: 7/1/2012
End Date: 6/30/2016

Project Director: Jay Pennington

Amount Awarded: $3,747,281

Project Application 4.12 MB

Project Abstract 111 KB

Major Outcomes: TBA

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2009 Grant Application

Iowa’s Unified Longitudinal Data System Infrastructure

Start Date: 6/1/2009
End Date: 5/31/2015

Project Director: Jay Pennington

Amount Awarded: $8,777,459

Project Application 3.6 MB

Project Abstract 118 KB

Major Outcomes:

  • State LDS that can provide student-level data over time.
  • Interoperability between SEA and LEA data systems.
  • EdFacts system and four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate consistent with that proposed by the NGA.
  • Expand K-12 longitudinal data systems to include a more robust set of data to the education community.
  • Interoperability with postsecondary data systems or create consolidated P-16 data systems, in a manner consistent with the requirements of FERPA.
  • Import workforce data from other sources to assess the extent to which high school graduates are adequately prepared for work or further education.
  • Send and receive transcripts of student applying to postsecondary educational institutions and/or moving across state lines.

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WDQI Grant Application

Project Application 963 KB