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2019 Grant Application

Guam One Stop Data Village (GOSDV) for Research, Reports, and Raising Student Achievement for College and Career Readiness

Start Date: 3/1/2020
End Date: 2/29/2024

Project Director: Zenaida Natividad

Amount Awarded: $3,249,919

Project Abstract 133 KB

Major Outcomes:

  • Infrastructure Priority
    • GOSDV will have a formal Interagency Data Governance Program
    • Guam will have an updated Guam Education Agenda for Research (GEAR) and identified data elements that will be in the GOSDV system.
    • CEDS-aligned GOSDV data dictionary and the process for secure data access are published.
    • Guam will have an established business intelligent longitudinal GOSDV data system, with a staging data base/data lake, data transformation system, educational data warehouse/cloud repository, internal web portal for reporting and analytics, and external web portal for public access
    • Linked P12 to postsecondary data system and analysis on student transition and student achievement
    • Automated production of local and federal reports, such as EDFacts Submission files
    • An established GOSDV feedback and evaluation system
    • Structured GOSDV sustainability plan

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