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SLDS FY12 Applicant Scores and Review Process

All SLDS FY12 applications were evaluated and rated by a 16-member independent peer reviewer panel. This panel of technical experts, with substantive and methodological expertise appropriate to the design, development, implementation, and utilization of statewide longitudinal data systems, conducted reviews in accordance with the Institute of Education Science review procedure used for all grant selection processes. Applications were initially scored independently by review panel members. Once these initial scores were assigned, the review panel convened to discuss each application. Finally, each review panel member assigned a final score and these scores were averaged, creating a rank order of applicants to be funded. The review criteria reviewers used to evaluate each application were as follows:

  1. Substantial need for the project.
  2. Clear goals and appropriate and measurable outcomes.
  3. High-quality, logical, and feasible activities and timeline.
  4. Effective management and governance plan.
  5. Personnel and financial resources.


Applicant Score Application
Alaska 1.74 PDF (18.5 MB)
Arizona 2.73 PDF (2.87 MB)
District of Columbia 3.20 PDF (7.3 MB)
Delaware 3.24 PDF (11.4 MB)
Hawaii 2.08 PDF (9.75 MB)
Idaho 3.21 PDF (3.37 MB)
Indiana 2.72 PDF (7.99 MB)
Iowa 2.33 PDF (4.12 MB)
Kentucky 1.96 PDF (13.1 MB)
Maryland 2.93 PDF (19.8 MB)
Montana 1.72 PDF (10.2 MB)
Nebraska 2.60 PDF (5.76 MB)
Nevada 2.95 PDF (20.7 MB)
New Hampshire 1.99 PDF (16.1 MB)
New Jersey 2.79 PDF (2.57 MB)
North Carolina 2.34 PDF (20.7 MB)
North Dakota 2.49 PDF (7.8 MB)
Oklahoma 2.38 PDF (34.7 MB)
Puerto Rico 2.13 PDF (1.9 MB)
Rhode Island 2.06 PDF (11.5 MB)
South Dakota 2.48 PDF (9.85 MB)
Vermont 1.72 PDF (7.18 MB)
Virgin Islands 2.23 PDF (15.9 MB)
West Virginia 2.80 PDF (15.3 MB)

* Applicants were rated on a scale of 1-5 with 1 reflecting the best possible score.