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27 States Win Fiscal Year 2009 Grants for Longitudinal Data Systems

The Institute of Education Sciences has awarded grants to 27 state education agencies for the design and implementation of statewide longitudinal data systems. The multi-year value of individual state grants ranges from $2.5 million to $9.0 million for projects that will extend for three to five years. The full, multi-year value of all 27 grants is $150 million. The competition for these grants was held last fall.

Awardees are:

Arkansas: $5.0 million
California: $6.0 million
Connecticut: $2.9 million
Florida: $2.5 million
Georgia: $8.9 million
Hawaii: $3.5 million
Idaho: $5.9 million
Illinois: $9.0 million
Iowa: $8.8 million
Kansas: $3.9 million
Kentucky: $2.9 million
Louisiana: $4.1 million
Maryland: $6.0 million
Massachusetts: $6.0 million
Michigan: $5.5 million
Mississippi: $3.4 million
Missouri: $9.0 million
Montana: $5.8 million
New York: $7.8 million
North Dakota: $6.7 million
Ohio: $2.9 million
Oregon: $3.7 million
Pennsylvania: $6.1 million
Rhode Island: $4.7 million
Texas: $7.9 million
Washington: $5.9 million
Wisconsin: $5.6 million

Click here for more information about the grantees.