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Education Statistics Quarterly
Vol 6, Issues 1 & 2
Table of Contents
Note From NCES
  Note From NCES
     By: Peggy G. Carr, Associate Commissioner, Assessment Division
     Describes the importance of high school transcripts in studying coursetaking patterns and achievement.
    Featured Topic: The NAEP High School Transcript Study
     The High School Transcript Study: A Decade of Change in Curricula and Achievement, 1990–2000
     By: Robert Perkins, Brian Kleiner, Stephen Roey, and Janis Brown
     Presents findings from the 2000 High School Transcript Study (HSTS:2000) and examines the trends and changes in high school curriculum and student coursetaking patterns for the past decade. Presents results from HSTS:2000 with respect to earned course credits, grade point average, and education achievement.
     Invited Commentary: The NAEP 2000 Transcript Study: Contributing to the National Conversation on Transforming America's High Schools
     By: Susan Sclafani, Counselor to the Secretary and Assistant Secretary for Vocational and Adult Education, U.S. Department of Education
    Early Childhood Education
     Kindergarten Teachers: Public and Private School Teachers of the Kindergarten Class of 1998–99
     By: Elvira Germino Hausken, Jill Walston, and Amy H. Rathbun
     Describes the demographic characteristics and professional qualifications of U.S. public and private school kindergarten teachers. Also examines kindergarten data on the schools and classrooms where they teach.
     Full-Day and Half-Day Kindergarten in the United States: Findings From the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998–99
     By: Jill Walston and Jerry West
     Describes the schools, both public and private, that offer fullday and half-day kindergarten programs and the children who attend them. Examines the composition and structure of public school classes and the instructional practices used by teachers.
    Elementary and Secondary Education
     The High School Sophomore Class of 2002: A Demographic Description-First Results From the Base Year of the Education Longitudinal Study of 2002
     By: Steven J. Ingels and Leslie A. Scott
     Summarizes the sociodemographic and educational characteristics of the sophomore class of 2002, captured in a series of student- and school-level classification variables.
     Before- and After-School Care, Programs, and Activities of Children in Kindergarten Through Eighth Grade: 2001
     By: Brian Kleiner, Mary Jo Nolin, and Chris Chapman
     Examines the ways kindergartners through eighth-graders spend their time out of school: with relatives or nonrelatives in a home setting, in center- or school-based programs or activities, or by themselves.
     Revenues and Expenditures by Public School Districts: School Year 2000–2001
     By: Frank Johnson
     Reports on public school district revenues and expenditures per student. Presents national and state values for the median school district and for districts at the 10th and 90th percentiles.
  Postsecondary Education
     Undergraduate Enrollments in Academic, Career, and Vocational Education
     By: Lisa Hudson and Linda Shafer
     Examines postsecondary vocational education within the context of all undergraduate education using a new taxonomy that classifies all undergraduate majors as academic majors or career majors.
     The Status of Public and Private School Library Media Centers in the United States: 1999–2000
     By: Barbara Holton, Yupin Bae, Susan Baldridge, Michelle Brown, and Dan Heffron
     Examines the state of public and private school library media centers in 1999–2000 by addressing the following topics: characteristics of library media centers, staff characteristics, expenditures, collection holdings, and library policies.
     State Library Agencies: Fiscal Year 2002
     By: Barbara Holton, Elaine Kroe, Patricia O'Shea, Cindy Sheckells, Suzanne Dorinski, and Michael Freeman
     Contains data on state library agencies in the 50 states and the District of Columbia, including these agenciesí governance, special operations, services, collections, staff, and income and expenditures.
    Crosscutting Statistics
     The Condition of Education 2004
     By: National Center for Education Statistics
     Focuses on indicators of the condition and progress of education in the United States, including participation and persistence, student performance, and societal support. Also includes this year's special analysis of changes in student financial aid between 1989–90 and 1999–2000.
     Language Minorities and Their Educational and Labor Market Indicators-Recent Trends
     By: Steven Klein, Rosio Bugarin, Renee Beltranena, and Edith McArthur
     Examines trends in the characteristics of the U.S. language minority population from 1979 through 1999, including changes in the number and proportion of this population and their education, income, and labor force outcomes.
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Data Products, Other Publications, Training and Funding Opportunities
Data Products
     CD-ROM: School Survey on Crime and Safety (SSOCS) 2000 Public-Use Data Files, User's Manual, and Detailed Data Documentation
  Data File: CCD Public Elementary/Secondary School Universe Survey: School Year 2002–03
  Data File: CCD Local Education Agency Universe Survey: School Year 2002–03
  Data File: School District Finance Survey: FY 2001
     Data File: CCD State Nonfiscal Survey of Public Elementary/Secondary Education: School Year 2002–03
     Data File: CCD National Public Education Financial Survey: Fiscal Year 2002
     Data File, Public Use: Public Libraries Survey: Fiscal Year 2002
     Data File: State Library Agencies Survey: Fiscal Year 2002
     1999–2000 Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS) CD-ROM: Public-Use Data With Electronic Codebook
Other Publications
     Crime and Safety in America's Public Schools: Selected Findings From the School Survey on Crime and Safety
     By: National Center for Education Statistics

Education Longitudinal Study of 2002: Base-Year Data File User's Manual

     By: Steven J. Ingels, Daniel J. Pratt, James E. Rogers, Peter H. Siegel, and Ellen S. Stutts

Forum Guide to Protecting the Privacy of Student Information: State and Local Education Agencies

     By: National Forum on Education Statistics

Handbooks Online

     By: ESP Solutions Group and Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) Data Quality and Standards Project, and Beth A. Young

Paying for College: Changes Between 1990 and 2000 for Full-Time Dependent Undergraduates

     By: Susan P. Choy

The Condition of Education 2004 in Brief

     By: Andrea Livingston and John Wirt (editors)

Pocket Projections of Education Statistics to 2013

     By: William J. Hussar and Debra E. Gerald
Training and Funding Opportunities
     The AERA Grants Program
     The NAEP Secondary Analysis Grant Program
     AIR Grants Program
     NPEC/AIR Focused Grants

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