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Education Statistics Quarterly
Vol 4 Issue 1
Table of Contents
Note From NCES
     Note From NCES
     By:Barbara B. Marenus, Director of Communications
     Presents an overview of NCES products as well as an annual calendar for publications that are regularly released.
Featured Topic: Digest of Education Statistics
     Digest of Education Statistics: 2001
     By:Thomas D. Snyder and Charlene M. Hoffman
     Provides a compilation of information covering the broad field of education from prekindergarten through graduate school.
     Invited Commentary: A 40-Year Perspective on the Digest of Education Statistics
     By:W. Vance Grant, Senior Specialist in Education Statistics, National Library of Education
Elementary and Secondary Education
     Children’s Reading and Mathematics Achievement in Kindergarten and First Grade
     By:Kristin Denton and Jerry West
     Explores how children’s literacy skills and resources at the start of kindergarten relate to their reading and mathematics achievement at the end of kindergarten and first grade.
Postsecondary Education
     Fall Enrollment in Title IV Degree-Granting Postsecondary Institutions: 1998
     By:Frank B. Morgan
     Presents universe data on the numbers and characteristics of students enrolled in postsecondary institutions in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.
     The Persistence of Employees Who Pursue Postsecondary Study
     By:Lisa Hudson and David Hurst
     Examines educational expectations and persistence in postsecondary education among employed students who defined themselves as employees enrolled in school, rather than as students working to meet expenses.
     Distance Education Instruction by Postsecondary Faculty and Staff: 1998
     By:Ellen M. Bradburn
     Presents the proportion of instructional faculty and staff who taught distance classes in fall 1998 and compares instructional faculty and staff who taught such classes with those who did not.
     Postsecondary Institutions in the United States: Fall 2000 and Degrees and Other Awards Conferred: 1999–2000
     By:Laura G. Knapp, Janice E. Kelly, Roy W. Whitmore, Shiying Wu, Lorraine M. Gallego, and Eric Grau
     Presents universe data on institutional characteristics as well as on the numbers of degrees conferred in the 50 states and the District of Columbia by control of institution, gender and race/ethnicity of recipients, and degree level and field.
     Study of College Costs and Prices: 1988–89 to 1997–98
     By:Alisa F. Cunningham, Jane V. Wellman, Melissa E. Clinedinst, and Jamie P. Merisotis
     Analyzes trends in costs paid by postsecondary institutions to provide education, prices paid by students and their families, and revenues received by institutions. Also explores relationships among these variables.
     Public Libraries in the United States: Fiscal Year 1999
     By:Adrienne Chute, P. Elaine Kroe, Patricia Garner, Maria Polcari, and Cynthia Jo Ramsey
     Summarizes universe data on public libraries. Includes information about public libraries’ administrative structure and legal basis, operating income and expenditures, staff, collections, and services.
International Statistics
     Outcomes of Learning: Results From the 2000 Program for International Student Assessment of 15-Year-Olds in Reading, Mathematics, and Science Literacy
     By:Mariann Lemke, Christopher Calsyn, Laura Lippman, Leslie Jocelyn, David Kastberg, Yan Yun Liu, Stephen Roey, Trevor Williams, Thea Kruger, and Ghedam Bairu
     Presents results from international assessments of 15-year-olds’ capabilities in reading literacy, mathematics literacy, and science literacy, with an emphasis on reading literacy.
Crosscutting Statistics
     Federal Support for Education: Fiscal Years 1980 to 2001
     By:Charlene M. Hoffman
     Provides a comprehensive picture of federal financial support for education, including both Department of Education programs and other support.
     Labor Market Outcomes of Non-College-Bound High School Graduates
     By:Peter Teitelbaum and Phillip Kaufman
     Examines how the high school experiences of a cohort of students who did not attend college related to their labor market outcomes almost a decade after they graduated from high school.
Data Products, Other Publications, and Funding Opportunities
Data Products
     Data Files and Electronic Code Book: ECLS-K First-Grade Public-Use Child File
     Data Files: The Common Core of Data
     National Study of Postsecondary Faculty (NSOPF:99) Public Access Data Analysis System (DAS)
     National Household Education Survey of 1999 Data Files
     Data File: State Library Agencies Survey: Fiscal Year 2000
Other Publications
     Student Data Handbook for Elementary, Secondary, and Early Childhood Education: 2001 Update
     By:Administrative Records Development Project (Council of Chief State School Officers) and Beth Aronstamm Young
     Students Whose Parents Did Not Go to College: Postsecondary Access, Persistence, and Attainment
     By:Susan P. Choy
     Highlights From the 2000 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA)
     By:Mariann Lemke, Christopher Calsyn, Laura Lippman, Leslie Jocelyn, David Kastberg, Yan Yun Liu, Stephen Roey, Trevor Williams, Thea Kruger, and Ghedam Bairu
Funding Opportunities
     The AERA Grants Program
     The NAEP Secondary Analysis Grant Program

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