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Demographic Data

EDGE demographic data provide a wealth of social, economic, and housing characteristics for small geographic areas derived from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey and the Decennial Census Long Form. These surveys collect basic population characteristics and social, economic, and housing data. The basic population characteristics are age, sex, relationship, race, and Hispanic origin. The social characteristics include topics such as school enrollment, educational attainment, fertility, disability status, ancestry, place of birth, citizenship, marital status, year of entry, residential mobility, language spoken at home, ability to speak English, veteran status, grandparents as caregivers and world region of birth of the foreign born population. EDGE economic data include characteristics like income and benefits, poverty status, employment status, industry and occupation, transportation to work, and class of worker. The data also include housing characteristics like housing occupancy, type of housing unit, units in structure, year structure built, the number of rooms and bedrooms, whether the property is owned or rented by the occupants, house heating fuel, the mortgage or rent payment, the housing value, occupants per room, vehicles available, utility costs, and year householder moved into unit.

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