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Census 2000 School District Demographics Data Files

View Census 2000 School District Tabulation (STP2) Data

The School District Tabulation (STP2) is the second special tabulation produced by the 2000 Census Special Tabulation Program and is similar to Summary File 3 (the standard sample data product) in its use of 821 unique tables (cross-tabulations) – 492 population tables and 329 housing tables. The tabulation provides data for any of the 821 unique tables based on US, American Indian Areas, State, County or School District.

View Census 2000 School District Tabulation Supplement (STP2S) Data

The 2000 Census School District Tabulation (STP2) sponsored by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) provides data for the standard set of race and ethnicity categories found in the 2000 Census Summary File 3 (SF3). The STP2 Supplement re-tabulates nine data tables included in the original STP2 Children’s Own (CO) Record Type for fourteen unique race and ethnic group combinations. Tabulations for these race and ethnic group combinations are provided for the full set of STP2 geographic summary levels and for each of the six CO enrollment iterations.

View Census 2000 Summary File 1 (SF1) Data

Summary File 1 (SF 1) contains data on age, sex, households, families, and housing units. These data are based on answers to the questions common to both the Census 2000 Short-Form PDF File (PDF - 424KB) and Long-Form PDF File (PDF - 627KB) Questionnaires.

View Census 2000 Redistricting (P.L. 94-171) Summary File Data

The School District tabulation of the 2000 Redistricting Data was created for NCES as part of a larger special tabulation effort to provide 2000 Census data for school districts. It provides the first glimpse of basic school district population characteristics from the 2000 Census, and it is the earliest school district special tabulation ever produced from a decennial census. The school district PL tabulation aggregates data from more than 8 million Census blocks into 14,405 defined district areas based on the 1999-2000 school district boundary update. The Redistricting Data (P.L. 94-171) Summary File contains summary statistics on counts of the total population, for the population 18 years and over, for 63 racial categories, and for Hispanic or Latino origin.

The 2000 Redistricting Data are organized as a series of four tables:

PL1.   Race
PL2.   Hispanic or Latino, and not Hispanic or Latino by Race
PL3.   Race for the population 18 years and over
PL4.   Hispanic or Latino, and not Hispanic or Latino by race for the population 18 years and over

Tables 1 and 3 contain 71 items, while Tables 2 and 4 contain 73 items.