Mobile Digest of Education Statistics, 2017

Degree-Granting Institutions

College Staff

About 3.9 million people were employed in colleges and universities in the fall of 2016, including 1.5 million faculty, 0.4 million graduate assistants, and 2.0 million other staff. About 64 percent of the staff worked full time and 36 percent worked part time. About 2.1 million, or 55 percent, of all staff were female (see Digest of Education Statistics, 2017, table 314.30).

Table 19. Employees in degree-granting institutions, by control of institution, primary occupation, and level of institution: Fall 2016

[In thousands]
Primary occupation and level of institution Total Public Private, nonprofit Private, for-profit
Total3,927 2,5771,196154
Graduate assistants37629581#
Other staff2,0021,30663858
Full-time, total staff2,2151,34881552
Part-time, total staff1,08063837270
Full-time, total staff309284618
Part-time, total staff323307314

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