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Digest of Education Statistics: 2007
Digest of Education Statistics: 2007

NCES 2008-022
March 2008


Many people have contributed in one way or another to the development of the Digest of Education Statistics 2007. Thomas D. Snyder was responsible for the overall development and preparation of this edition of the Digest, which was prepared under the general direction of Valena Plisko. William Sonnenberg and Bernard Greene provided statistical computing consultation.

Much of the work for this report was performed by staff of the Education Statistics Services Institute (ESSI), which is funded by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and composed of staff from the American Institutes for Research (AIR) and a number of partner organizations. Numerous ESSI staff contributed to this work, which was performed under the management of AIR project leader Sally Dillow. Mary Ann Fox of AIR served as overall manager for ESSI annual reports work, which includes the Digest project, and provided statistical consultation and programming support. Also at AIR, Richa Arora played a key role in coordinating the updating and formatting of the Digest tables, along with Mary Jo Metzler and Lauren Gilbertson. Kevin Bianco and Lauren Drake of MacroSys Research and Technology and Jana Kemp of Child Trends also worked on updating and formatting the tables. Charlene Hoffman, a consultant, did most of the work on chapter 4 as well as the tables on degrees conferred. At AIR, Tom Nachazel provided proofreading and editorial support, while Rachel Dinkes and Paul Guerino contributed programming support. Sze-Wei Tang of Quality Information Partners and Nancy Collins, an independent contractor, also supplied programming support. At MacroSys Research and Technology, Qingshu Xie provided programming support and Michael Stock with the assistance of Katie Ferguson desktopped the volume under the supervision of Kalle Culotta.

This year's edition of the Digest has received extensive reviews by many individuals within and outside the U.S. Department of Education. We wish to thank them for their time and expert advice. Andrew White, Special Assistant to the Commissioner of NCES, supervised the review of the publication. Duc-Le To of the Institute of Education Sciences reviewed the publication. NCES staff who reviewed portions of the manuscript were Stephen Broughman, Kathryn Chandler, Chris Chapman, Bernard Greene, Kerry Gruber, Elvie Hausken, Lee Hoffman, Barbara Holton, Lisa Hudson, Frank Johnson, Dan McGrath, Frank Morgan, Gail Mulligan, Jennifer Park, Valena Plisko, Sabrina Ratchford, Reneé Rowland, John Sietsema, Emmanuel Sikali, Bill Sonnenberg, Tom Weko, and John Wirt. The ESSI technical review team included staff of AIR (Kevin Bromer, Alison Slade, Aparna Sundaram, Jed Tank, and Zeyu Xu); Child Trends (Siri Warkentien); MacroSys Research and Technology (Stephen Hocker); the National Institute of Statistical Sciences (Xiaolei Wang); and Quality Information Partners (Alexandra Henning).