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Special Analysis 2009


Table 1. Participation in the most recent international assessments, by jurisdiction and grade or age
  PIRLS 2006 PISA 2006 TIMSS 20071     PIRLS 2006 PISA 2006 TIMSS 20072
OECD jurisdiction3 4th 15-year-olds 4th 8th   Non-OECD jurisdiction 4th 15-year-olds 4th 8th
Australia     Algeria    
Austria     Argentina      
Belgium         Armenia    
Flemish         Azerbaijan      
French         Bahrain      
Canada         Bosnia and Herzegovina      
Alberta   o     Botswana      
British Columbia   o o   Brazil      
Nova Scotia         Bulgaria  
Ontario   o o   Chile      
Quebec   o o   Chinese Taipei
Czech Republic     Colombia  
Denmark     Croatia      
Finland         Cyprus      
France       Egypt      
Germany     El Salvador    
Greece         Estonia      
Hungary   Georgia  
Iceland       Ghana      
Ireland         Hong Kong-China
Italy   Indonesia  
Japan     Iran, Islamic Republic of  
Korea, Republic of       Israel  
Luxembourg       Jordan    
Mexico         Kazakhstan      
Netherlands     Kyrgyz Republic      
New Zealand     Kuwait  
Norway   Latvia  
Poland       Lebanon      
Portugal         Liechtenstein      
Slovak Republic     Lithuania
Spain       Macedonia      
Sweden   Macao-China      
Switzerland         Malaysia      
Turkey       Malta      
United Kingdom         Moldova, Republic of      
England     Montenegro, Republic of      
Scotland     Morocco    
United States4   Oman      
OECD country total 19 30 16 12   Palestinian National Authority      
Total OECD jurisdictions 25 30 16 12   Qatar
            Russian Federation
            Saudi Arabia      
            Serbia, Republic of    
            South Africa      
            Syrian Arab Republic      
            Trinidad and Tobago      
            Non-OECD country total 20 27 20 36
            Total jurisdictions 45 57 36 48
1Four Canadian provinces (Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec), as well as the Basque region of Spain, Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, and Massachusetts and Minnesota of the United States, participated in TIMSS 2007 as benchmarking participants and are not included in the total counts shown.
2Although Mongolia and Morocco participated at both grades, the quality of the data for Mongolia was not well documented at both grades and there was a problem with the participation rates for Morocco at the eighth grade. For more information, see Olson, J.F., Martin, M.O., & Mullis, I.V.S. (Eds.). (2008).TIMSS 2007 Technical Report. Chestnut Hill, MA: TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center, Boston College.
3There are a total of 30 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). An OECD country is counted in the OECD total if it participated as a single/entire country (which is generally the case) or if it participated as one or more component jurisdictions of the country (e.g., England and Scotland as representing the United Kingdom).
4PISA 2006 reading literacy results were not reported for the United States because of an error in printing the test booklets.
NOTE: A bullet "●" indicates participation in the particular assessment. An open bullet "o" indicates jurisdictions that participated as "benchmarking participants."
SOURCE: International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA), Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS), 2006; IEA, Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), 2007; Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), 2006.