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Special Analysis 2007

High School Coursetaking

Table SA-1. States with mandatory exit examinations, by subject, and states phasing in exit examinations, by date: 2006
State English/
language arts
Mathematics Science U.S. history/
social studies

    Total 25 25 19 13 1
Alabama X X X X  
Alaska1 X X      
Arizona1 X X      
California X X      
Florida X X      
Georgia1 X X X X  
Idaho X X X    
Indiana X X      
Louisiana X X X X  
Maryland 2009 2009 2009 2009  
Massachusetts X X 2010    
Minnesota1 X X      
Mississippi1 X X X X  
Nevada1 X X 2008    
New Jersey X X 2007    
New Mexico1 X X X X  
New York X X X X  
North Carolina2 X X 2010 2010 X
Ohio1 X X X X  
Oklahoma 2012 2012 2012 2012  
South Carolina X X 2010 2010  
Tennessee X X X    
Texas1 X X X X  
Virginia1 X X X X  
Washington1 2008 2008 2010    

1A writing test is required in addition to the English/language arts examination or as a component of it.

2A civics and economics test is required in addition to a U.S. history examination.

NOTE: Year in table indicates when the state is scheduled to institute an exit examination in that subject. Utah had planned to enforce an exit exam requirement in 2006, but that year decided not to withhold diplomas from students who failed the examination if they met other graduation requirements.

SOURCE: Center on Education Policy. (2006). State High School Exit Exams: A Challenging Year, adapted from table 1, data from state departments of education, June 2006.