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Young Children's Care and Education Before Kindergarten

Data about young children's care and education before kindergarten are collected in the NHES's Early Childhood Program Participation Survey (ECPP) and School Readiness Survey (SR). These surveys collect data about children from birth through age 6 who are not yet enrolled in kindergarten. The surveys typically focus on children's participation in and barriers to participating in nonparental care arrangements; what activities the family does with the child, such as reading, singing, and arts and crafts; and what the child is learning, such as counting, recognizing the letters of the alphabet, and reading. Parents are the respondents.

A mother and son reading on the couch

Data & Resources

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The Basics

These documents provide a summary of the most recent data and key information about the survey participants and how the survey was conducted.

First Look: Early Childhood Program Participation, Results from the National Household Education Surveys Program of 2019

Infographic: NHES Sample and Methods - ECPP