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Information for Participants

Who is sponsoring the study?

This study is sponsored by the National Center for Education Statistics, within the U.S. Department of Education. The U.S. Census Bureau is conducting this study on our behalf. The National Center for Education Statistics has Congressional authorization to conduct this study (20 USC 9543).This study has been approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the office that reviews all federal sponsored surveys. The OMB approval number assigned to this study is 1850-0803.

What topics are covered in this survey?

This is a two-part survey. A brief initial survey provides an overview of the educational status of household members. Depending on a household’s composition, some households will receive a second survey about children’s after-school activities and/or adults’ education and training for work.

What is the purpose of this study?

The Department of Education monitors the condition of education in the United States. This survey is used to collect information on two major aspects of the U.S. education system: children’s participation in after-school programs and adults’ participation in education and training for work. This survey is the only way that the Department of Education can identify households with members that might be eligible for participation in these activities, and to then survey those households about their activities. The combined survey responses from all households will be used to inform educators, policymakers, schools, and universities about the extent and nature of these aspects of education. Reports from past studies can be found at

How was my household chosen?

Your address was randomly selected from among all of the home addresses in the nation, using scientific sampling methods. The sample is designed so that surveys of only a few thousand people will accurately describe the educational experiences of all Americans.

Why should I participate?

The information collected in this survey is used to study issues that are central to improving education, to help set education policy, and to keep the public informed about the condition of education in the United States. Because we survey only a sample of households, each household’s response represents thousands of other households, and cannot be replaced. By participating, you are helping to provide the best and most accurate information about American education.

Will the information I provide be kept confidential?

Yes. Your answers may be used only for statistical purposes and may not be disclosed in identifiable form for any purpose, except as required by law (20 USC 9573). Your responses will be combined with those of others to produce statistical summaries (such as averages and percentages). Your individual data will not be reported.

Can I complete this survey online?

No online option is available for this survey. Please complete the form that was mailed to you at your address. If you have misplaced your form, please call the U.S. Census Bureau toll-free at 1-888-840-8353 to request a replacement survey.

How can I learn more?

More information can be found at You can also reach us using the contact information below.

Contact Us
For more information about the study, please contact us at:
Telephone: 1-888-840-8353
Mail: ATTN: DCB 60-A
1201 E. 10th Street
Jeffersonville, IN 47132-0001