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Data Files & Questionnaires

Getting Started

STEP 1. If you are new to the NHES, visit the NCES Distance Learning Dataset Training for an introduction to using the NHES and other NCES data sets. The training modules for learning to use NHES can be found under “Sample Surveys: Cross-sectional.”

STEP 2. Examine the questionnaire (see link on the right) to determine the relevant items and their associated variable names for your planned analysis.

STEP 3. Review the data file user’s manual (see Direct Downloads), paying particular attention to the chapters on data considerations and anomalies, weights and standard errors, and derived variables. Derived variables are created from composites of questionnaire variables to aid in data analysis.

STEP 4. Review descriptive information about relevant variables in the codebook (see Online Codebook). The codebook includes value labels, frequency counts, and percentage distributions for all variables in the data file.

STEP 5. Get your data using the Online Codebook or via direct download, or analyze the data using DataLab (links available on the right).

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