Create A Graph Tutorial


Current Definitions:

  • Grid Lines: The number of divisions along the y-axis.

Graph Title: The title appears at the top of the graph and should describe the graph.

  • Axis Labels: The labels that appear along the x and y-axes describing what is being measured.

Source: The source data appears at the bottom of the graph and can be used to give credit to the author of the data.

Data Set: This defines the number of data items and groups of items you wish to include. Adjust the number of items using the pull-down menu. (Tip: If you have fewer than five pieces of data but do not adjust the data set number accordingly, blank space will appear on your graph).

Items & Groups: Graphs consist of a series of data items, some in multiple groups. Each data item has a value and a value label.

Min and Max Values: These values limit the scale of the graph.

2. Choosing the right look and feel is important when designing a graph.

Show Labels: Display the values on the graph.

  • Type: is the data-specific value shown with each label.

Prefix: Add to the beginning of a data label, such as ($).

Suffix: Add to the end of a data table, such as (lbs, kg, cm, ft, , %).

Position: Where the data labels are displayed on the graph.

Label Color: The color of the data labels.

Background Color: The color behind the data labels. By default, the background is transparent.

Font: Set the font style for all text and values in the graph.

Font Color: Set the color of all text and values.

Font Size: Set the font size of all text and values. This can be different for value labels and the rest of the text (title, source, etc.).

3. Graph Preview: This shows you the current state of your graph. To make changes, click the Design, Labels, and Data tabs. To print or download this graph, click the Print/Save tab.

4. Start a New Graph: Start a new graph project that contains no data or settings.

Erase this graph: Erases all data or settings from the current graph project.

Copy to new graph: Copy all of the data or settings to a new graph project, where changes can be made without affecting the original graph project.

Print: Display this graph in a format suitable for printing.

Download: Download this graph to your computer in six different file formats.

Email this Graph: Send an email with a preview and link to your graph project. Click Send to deliver the email to the valid email address you specified.

Sample Help Screen

Graph displaying the 2004 Presidential Vote by Race and Gender

Items and Groups: Graphs consist of a series of data items, some in multiple groups. Each item has a value and a label that appears below the data.

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