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To create an AREA GRAPH, you must supply an x and y value for each point you use. It is also a good idea to provide: a graph title (60 characters maximum) and title of x and y axis. Default options are set for (although you can change them): number of points (2-31), min and max values for the x and y axis, 3D option, graph size (TIP: more points display best in larger graph sizes), area and background color, and image file type (if you are using an older browser or are having difficulty seeing the image select jpeg.)

First select the number of points you would like to display, then complete the rest of the information below and, be sure to use no more than 7-digit values (between 1 and 9999999) for the best results (decimal points count as a digit).

Click here to fill in example using education data from NCES

Number of points you would like to display

Title of Graph: 
Title of X Axis: 
Title of Y Axis: 
   X Axis:  Y Axis:
Point 1: 
Point 2: 
Point 3: 
Point 4: 
Point 5: 
Point 6: 
Point 7: 
Point 8: 
Point 9: 
Point 10: 
Point 11: 
Point 12: 
Point 13: 
Point 14: 
Point 15: 

Min Value: 
Max Value: 

3D Graph
Graph Size (Small   Medium   Large   Xtra-Large )
Area Color: 
Background Color: 
Image File Type: 
*Default choices are recommended.