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school busThink you know what is going on in schools across the country? NCES conducts surveys with schools, organizations and individuals all over the United States. After collecting the information we publish the results. Data collections are done by mail, phone, and via the Web. The questions below come from many NCES surveys. Read the questions, select your answer, and click on the "Evaluate Answers" button at the end to see your score! To start over, select the "Choose Again" button (at the end). The answers might surprise you.

1. In 2005, what percent of public schools in the U.S. had Internet access in instructional rooms?


2. In the spring of 2003, an estimated _____ students were homeschooled in the U.S.

a.   850,000
b. 1,100,000
c. 3,000,000

3. In 2004, which three states accounted for 41 of the 100 largest public school districts?

a. Texas, New York, and Ohio
b. California, Texas, and New York
c. California, Florida, and Texas

4. Between 1994 and 2004, the number of full-time college students increased by ____%.

a.41 %
b.37 %
c.30 %

5. The national results from the 2005 math assessment showed a ___ point increase between the average fourth-grade mathematics score in 2005 and the score in 1990.


6. In 2003-2004, 82% of all public school teachers reported having ___ years or more of full-time teaching experience.

a. 2
b. 4
c. 6

7. Public elementary and secondary schools enrolled ____ students in 2005.

a. 42.7 million
b. 61.1 million
c. 48.8 million

8. In 2003-2004, private schools represented ____% of the total elementary and secondary enrollment in the United States.

a. 6%
b. 8%

9. What percentage of postsecondary undergraduate students received some type of financial aid to attend school in 2003-2004?


10. The percentage of public schools experiencing one or more violent incidents increased between the 1999-2000 and 2003-04 school years from ___ to ___ percent.

a.45 to 50%
b.71 to 81%
c.23 to 35%