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Every month we will give you a math/statistics brain teaser that lets you test your knowledge with a fun problem.

This Month's Challenge: Berry Pie

Lechelle baked a berry pie. The recipe called for 5 ounces of blackberries, 8 ounces of raspberries, and 9 ounces of strawberries. In the supermarket, she only found 12-ounce containers of berries. She bought 1 container of each kind of berry.

After she baked the pie, how many ounces of berries did Lechelle have left?

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Many of the ideas in these Teasers come from thoughts formed by some of the great mathematical/statistical geniuses in history. To learn more about them and to take a fun quiz to find out which famous mathematician through history most interests you, try our Mathematicians' Quiz.

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