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Every month we will give you a math/statistics brain teaser that lets you test your knowledge with a fun problem.

Two young boys playing video gamesThis Month's Challenge: How Many Games?

Brothers Matt and Tyler love playing video games together. They decided if they split their chore money every month, they can afford more video games to play together.

Matt cuts the grass every other week for $20, while Tyler does the dishes every day for $10 a week.

Matt and Tyler have two options for buying video games: they could buy brand new games for $60 each, or retro games for $20 each.

How many games per month can Matt and Tyler afford for brand new games or for retro games?

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Many of the ideas in these Teasers come from thoughts formed by some of the great mathematical/statistical geniuses in history. To learn more about them and to take a fun quiz to find out which famous mathematician through history most interests you, try our Mathematicians' Quiz.

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