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Grab Bag

an elephant the mascot of a well known college teamMascot Matching
Play the Mascot Matching game and match the mascot to the proper University.

albert einstein with his tongue outMathematician Quiz
Complete this profile and learn which famous mathematician shares your interests.

stack of reportsNCES Reports
We always have a current NCES report summarized and with highlights.

books with fruit on top
Education Quiz

Test your smarts about education in the U.S. and the world by taking an interesting quiz.

blocks that spell out thinkMath Teaser
This is a great way to test your math/statistics skills with some fun and interesting questions.

a camcorderMultimedia
Watch short videos and try to identify the location of the sculptures.

a bar chartNEW Education Data
A list of recent NCES publications with links taking you to where they can be found on the NCES website.

magnifying glassWord Search
Good at word search puzzles? Find educational and statistical terms in this word search.