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Civics, 8th grade
1. Over recent years the National Rifle Association (NRA) has played an important role in politics. It has a large number of members, whose voting strength tends to impress legislators. It holds regular meetings with members of Congress and federal bureaucrats. It gives campaign contributions to candidates who oppose gun control and spends money directly to oppose gun control supporters. ------ The meetings with legislators and bureaucrats described in the passage are known as

Image pertaining to question 2
2. The main point of the cartoons is that before the Fourteenth Amendment
state governments were unable to respond to the needs of citizens
big government could restrict the rights of the people
federal powers were given to the states
state governments did not have to follow the Bill of Rights

Image pertaining to question 3
3. The graph shows that
wealthy people tend to have different political views than do people with less money
the incomes of certain groups of voters have increased dramatically
the higher someone's income is, the more likely he or she is to vote
young people are more likely to vote than are older people

4. Sometimes the common good conflicts with individual rights. Which of the following is an example of this?
A person is put in jail because she is guilty of a violent crime.
A person must move out of his house so that a highway can be built.
Schools are closed because of icy roads.
A community organizes to clean up a vacant lot.

5. Which would most likely be true in a totalitarian system?
Citizens enjoy great personal freedom.
Political parties compete actively in national elections.
There are few checks on the powers of the ruler.
Private organizations have great influence on government.

6. Who is primarily responsible for carrying out United States foreign policy?
The governors of the states
The State Department
The Supreme Court
The Treasury Department

7. Which of the following does the national (federal) government of the United States do that state and local governments do not?
Run public schools
Print money
Remove state governors from office
Choose members of city councils

8. The United States Congress can pass a bill even if the President disagrees with the bill because
Congress must make sure that the needs of all citizens are met
Congress can make laws more quickly when it does not have to involve the President
Congress usually knows more about what the laws mean than the President does
Congress is the primary legislative power of the government

Image pertaining to question 9
9. Referring to the image above, the cartoon shows conflicting views about the balance between
the power of government and the responsibilities of citizens
ideals and practical goals
individual rights and the public good
liberty and equality

Image pertaining to question 10
10. Referring to the image above, the summons would most likely be sent to someone
accused of a crime
asked to give evidence in a trial
called to jury duty
asked to serve as a lawyer in a trial

Image pertaining to question 11
11. Which constitutional right are the people in the photograph exercising?
The right to privacy
The right to a fair trial
The right to freedom of religion
The right to freedom of assembly

Image pertaining to question 12
12. Government X is different from Government Y in that in Government X the
executive, legislative, and judicial branches are all elected
executive, legislative, and judicial branches are all elected
executive branch has little real power
authority of the judicial branch is greater than that of the legislature

Image pertaining to question 13
13. What is the main point of the cartoon?
The United States government should lend more money to poorer countries.
The United States military should protect poorer countries.
Domestic and foreign policy are related.
Citizens are well informed about political issues.

Image pertaining to question 14
14. Which best summarizes the message of the cartoon?
Cooperating on scientific projects is the best way for countries to settle their differences.
Astronauts should be more concerned about problems on Earth.
Human beings are much more advanced in science than in their ability to get along.
The use of force is an old but effective way for countries to deal with each other.

Image pertaining to question 15
15. Protests such as the one shown in the photograph are protected by United States law because the protestors are
over 21 years of age
behaving peacefully
not calling for major changes in the American system
both men and women