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Civics, 4th grade
1. "They work together to keep peace in the world" means that the representatives to the United Nations
help people around the world learn new jobs
find ways for all nations to do things the way we do
make all of the laws in the world the same
talk to each other to try to solve problems without fighting

2. What are the three parts of the federal (national) government of the United States?
Republican, Democrat, and Independent
Legislative, executive, and judicial
Local, state, and federal
State, national, and international

Image pertaining to question 3
3. Refer to the cartoon above (note: the word apathy in the cartoon means "not caring"). What is the message of the cartoon?
Democracy could be in danger if people do not vote.
People like to get all of their political ideas from television.
People do not care whether they have the right to freedom of speech.
It is hard to be a candidate for President.

4. In democracies citizens elect people to make laws for them because
that way they know who the most popular people are
that way the most popular people are the ones who get to make the laws
most people already agree about what laws they should have
it is easier than having everyone vote on every decision

5. July 4 is a national holiday that celebrates the day when
the American colonies declared their independence
the Pilgrims arrived in the New World
women won the right to vote in elections
the Civil War officially ended

6. John is a citizen of the United States. Maria and Karl have been living here with their uncle as legal residents, but they are not citizens. What is something that John, Maria, and Karl can all do?
Own property
Be elected to public office
Vote in elections
Be in the army

7. Which of the following is true about laws in the United States?
Laws must be applied to everyone equally.
Judges can make laws.
Large states make more laws than small states.
It takes two years for a law to go into effect.

Image pertaining to question 8
8. Ben and his family want to go to the movies, but when they get there they are told that the seats are all sold out. Ben says he doesn't care if he has to sit on the floor, but his mother shows him the above sign on the movie theater wall. Why does the fire inspector limit the number of people who are allowed in a movie theater at one time?
To help the theater make the right amount of money
To protect the safety of the people in the theater
To make sure everyone can see the movie
To make sure one movie theater does not get all the business

9. A fourth-grade class was given the opportunity to prepare its own lunch. Which would be the most democratic way for the class to decide on the menu for lunch?
The teacher could decide which foods to serve.
The students could make a list of their favorite foods and vote on what to serve.
The students with the best grades could choose which foods to serve.
The teacher could make a list of his or her favorite foods and let the class vote on what to serve.

10. Which of the following is the most important reason why the United States trades with other countries?
People get a chance to travel.
It helps people get the things they need.
It helps us learn about other cultures.
We can learn other languages.