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Geography, 12th grade
Image pertaining to question 1
1. The varying widths of the lines on the map most probably indicate the
strength of ocean currents
type of trade
volume of trade
type of transportation used

2. When the warm ocean current El Niņo replaces the cooler Peruvian, or Humboldt, current along the coast of Peru, the supplies of anchovies on which sea birds feed decrease. As a result, the number of sea birds roosting on the coastal islands decreases. In Peru, the developments described have an impact on
the money earned from tourists who visit its beaches
the ability of ships to dock at its ports
warm weather in coastal areas
the export of anchovies

3. Major oil-producing nations joined together to form the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) as a means of
increasing their control of markets and prices for their product
limiting the access of other nations to solar power
promoting the production of high-quality fossil fuels
improving communication and transportation among developing nations

4. People from many different countries live in New York City. Children speaking many different languages attend its public schools. This is mainly because New York City
has an efficient transportation system
has a higher wage rate than other United States cities
is a port of entry for people from other parts of the world
is the site of the United Nations headquarters

5. What religion is practiced by most people who live in India?

Image pertaining to question 6
6. The intensity of this earthquake would be measured in terms of
the Richter scale
the celsius scale
barometric pressure

7. Which of the following is most likely to be found in the central business district of a city?
Automobile dealerships
A steel mill
An office tower
Single-family homes

8. Which of the following countries has the largest volume and value of trade with the United States?
Great Britain

Image pertaining to question 9
9. The land shown in the photograph has been altered mainly to
increase the beauty of the landscape
increase the availability of land that can be used for farming
demarcate land belonging to different people
enable residents to climb the slopes more easily

10. The "Corn Belt" is a region defined on the basis of
economic activity
transportation networks
political organization

Image pertaining to question 11
11. The dotted line running across the map represents a
major highway
fault line
contour line

12. Which of the following methods provides the most accurate and effective visual evidence for determining the extent of desertification in a region?
Contour maps
Long-range weather forecasts
Satellite imagery
Seismic readings

Image pertaining to question 13
13. Look at the table above. The region described in this table is
South America
North America

Image pertaining to question 14
14. The four locations indicated on the map above are
capitals of highly industrialized nations
the world's four most densely populated cities
areas of highest elevation
religious centers

Image pertaining to question 15
15. What percentage of the total population of Country 1 is age 70 or over?