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History, 8th grade
1. Why was Roger Williams forced to leave the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
He claimed that the Puritan government had no right to control religious beliefs
He was more loyal to the King of Spain than to the English monarchy.
He refused to do his share of the farming and other work.
He wanted to lead a war against the American Indians.

Image pertaining to question 2
2. From the advertisement, one can tell that in 1830 the United States
traded with both Europe and the Caribbean
relied primarily on European farming and industry to meet its basic needs
had Prohibition laws
was already using steamships in the Atlantic trade

3. The census was important in 1790 because it
helped determine which citizens were eligible to vote
told people which states had the most members of American Indian nations
told people whether men or women tended to live longer
helped determine state representation in the House of Representatives

4. What was the main reason that many leaders in Great Britain leaned toward supporting the Confederacy in the Civil War?
Plantation owners in Britain held slaves.
Most British immigrants to the United States lived in the South.
Britain relied on Southern cotton for its factories.
British politicians wanted to make the United States weaker so that they could conquer it.

5. At the time Columbus arrived in the Americas, most of the area that is now called Mexico was controlled by people called the

6. Magellan's expedition was significant because it was the first to
circle the world
reach South America
bring horses to the Americas
sail around Africa

7. Between 1960 and 1990, what invention most changed the way people in the United States worked?
The typewriter
The computer
The superconductor
The radio

8. During the 1500's and 1600's, what was the major cause of death among Indians of the Americas?
Warfare among tribes
Warfare between Native Americans and Europeans
Infections and diseases brought by Europeans
Changing climatic conditions

9. President Jimmy Carter played a major role in negotiating the Camp David accords, which promoted peace between
the Soviet Union and China
the Palestinians and the Jordanians
Egypt and Israel
North Korea and the United States

10. The Lend-Lease Act, the Yalta Conference, and the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima are all associated with the
First World War
Second World War
Korean War
Vietnam War

Image pertaining to question 11
11. According to the pie charts, how did immigration to the United States change between 1854 and 1907?
The percentage of immigrants coming from southern and eastern Europe increased dramatically.
The percentage of immigrants coming from Germany and Britain gradually increased.
By 1907 Russia replaced Britain as the source of the greatest number of immigrants.
The total number of immigrants coming to the United States declined.

12. What goal was most important in shaping United States foreign policy between 1945 and 1990?
Preventing the spread of communism to new areas and weakening it where it already existed
Encouraging trained scientists and other skilled workers who lived in foreign countries to immigrate to the United States
Strengthening the United States industrial and agricultural sectors to help them compete against the British and the French
Providing foreign aid to all poor countries to help them develop economically and technologically

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13. What explains the change in voter registration shown by these graphs?
New laws made it difficult for African Americans to vote.
Most African Americans were Democrats.
Most African Americans moved out of Louisiana.
The White population in Louisiana increased greatly.

14. This question refers to the period (the late 1800's and early 1900's) during which workers began to form labor unions. These unions had important effects on politics and economics in the United States. One of the earliest labor unions was known as the
Knights of Labor
Third Worker's International
United States Chamber of Commerce

15. What was the most significant factor that led the American colonists to form the First Continental Congress in 1774?
Religious conflict inside the colonies
The desire of the colonists to write a Constitution to replace the Articles of Confederation
Colonial frustration with laws passed by the British Parliament
The desire of the colonists to stop the war between Britain and the colonies

16. A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved -- I do not expect the house to fall -- but I do expect it will cease to be divided. The statement was made by
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
Theodore Roosevelt

Image pertaining to question 17
17. According to the graph, how did immigration to the United States change from 1941 to 1990?
The total number of immigrants coming to the United States declined.
The percentage of immigrants coming from Europe increased steadily.
By 1990, Africa replaced Europe as the source of the greatest number of immigrants.
By 1990, most immigrants came from Asia and the Americas.

18. The Monroe Doctrine was intended to
promote United States trade with China
help keep the peace in Europe
discourage European involvement in the Americas
protect United States business in Japan and Korea

19. The centers of religious activity in the Spanish colonies in the Americas were called

Image pertaining to question 20
20. What does the political cartoon above show?
effects of a new law limiting immigration
The need for skilled immigrants to fill jobs created by the boom after the First World War
The desire of reformers to provide social services for European immigrants
The eagerness of the government to settle immigrants inland rather than in the eastern industrial cities