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Direction: Vertical  Horizontal  True 3D 
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Shape: Rectangle  Cylinder  Triangle 
Rhombus  Pattern 

Background Color: 
Grid Color: 
    Grid Lines: 
Appearance: Legend:
Data Labels:       Show Label:yesno
Type:  Prefix:  Suffix:

Position:  Font Size: 
Label Color: 
Background Color: 

Font Color: 
     Font Size: 
Graph Title: 
X-Axis X Axis Label: 
Y-Axis Y Axis Label: 

  Data Set:    Items    Groups  
  Group 1
Group Label:  
 Item LabelValue
Item 1:
Item 2:
Item 3:
Item 4:
Item 5:
Item 6:
Item 7:
Item 8:
Item 9:
Item 10:
Item 11:
Item 12:
Item 13:
Item 14:
Item 15:
Item 16:
Item 17:
Item 18:
Item 19:


NOTE: Values may only be numbers.

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