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Platform Development

How did we determine the WCBA Study platform for fourth-grade students?

NCES first conducted a usability study to understand how fourth-grade students navigate computer tools and features, as well as to record students’ prior experiences and perceptions of using the computer. The Writing Computer Based Assessment (WCBA) platform administered to eighth and twelfth-grade students as part of NAEP 2011 served as the model for this study.

Results of the study suggested that fourth-grade students varied in their ability to write using the computer, and that while some features seemed intuitive to students, others were more difficult to access. As a result of the usability study, some features of the original testing platform were improved to better meet the needs of fourth-grade students.

The following sections below provide lessons learned from the usability study.

Computer Adjustment
Study Directions
Drop Down Menu
Navigation Panel
Text-to-Speech Button
Reset Button

Last updated 18 January 2022 (AA)