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Grade 8 Student Brochure on Planning and Reviewing Writing
(Text Version of Brochure Cover)

Ideas for Planning Your Writing

To plan your writing, you could do one or more of the following:

  • Brainstorm

    List lots of ideas; choose which ones to use.

  • Imagine

    Imagine talking about your topic with someone.

  • Draw

    Draw a picture or a diagram of your topic.

  • Web

    Draw lines between ideas to connect them.

  • Outline

    Organize ideas into main points and subpoints.

Ideas for Reviewing Your Writing

After writing, think about the following:

  • Purpose

    Have I said what I want to say?

  • Development

    Do I need to add more details?
    Do I need to take out some details?

  • Organization

    Are the parts in the right order?
    Do the parts fit together?

  • Clarity

    Will my audience understand?
    Is my writing easy to read?

  • Correctness


See the grade 12 brochure on planning and reviewing writing.

Last updated 9 July 2003 (HM)