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Computing Student-Level Replicate Base Weights for the 2006 Assessment

For the 2006 assessment, the calculation of the student-level replicate base weights for student k from school s in stratum j for each of the 62 replicates, STU_BWTsck(r) r = 1 to 62, were calculated as follows:  

     STU underscore BWT subscript jsk left brace r right brace equals SCH underscore BWT subscript js left brace r right brace times SCHSESWT subscript js times WINSCHWT subscript js times STUSESWT subscript jsk times SUBJFAC subscript js times SUBADJ subscript js times YRRND underscore AF subscript js 


  • SCH_BWTjs(r) is the replicate school base weight;

  • SCHSESWTjs is the school-level session assignment weight used in the full-sample weight;

  • WINSCHWTjs is the within-school student sampling weight used in the full-sample weight;

  • STUSESWTjsk is the student-level session assignment weight used in the full-sample weight;

  • SUBJFACjs is the subject factor used in the full-sample weight;

  • SUBADJjs is the substitute adjustment factor used in the full-sample weight;

  • YRRND_AFjs is the year-round adjustment factor used in the full-sample weight.

These components are described on the Student Base Weights page.

Last updated 08 April 2010 (GF)

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