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Weighting Procedures for the 2002 State Assessment


Computation of Base Weights

School and Student Nonresponse

Trimming of Student Weights

Poststratification of Student Weights

Calculation of Replicate Weights

Quality Control for the 2002 State Assessment Weighting


In 2002, the NAEP weighting procedures involved generating final sample weights and replicate weights for the state assessment samples, including the Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) samples. These weights include the following:

  • base weights reflecting school and student sampling;

  • nonresponse adjustments for school and student nonresponse;

  • trimming adjustments to reduce variability;

  • base weight factors reflecting assignment to reading or writing booklets; and

  • poststratification adjustments to known population totals (also to reduce variability).

In addition, replicate weights were generated in order to compute variance estimates. The general theory behind the replicate weights and variance estimation in NAEP is explained on the page Replicate Variance Estimation.

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