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NAEP 2002 National Main Assessment Weights


Computation of Base Weights

School and Student Nonresponse

Trimming of Student Weights

Poststratification of Student Weights

Calculation of Replicate Weights

Quality Control

This page documents the procedures for generating final sample weights and replicate weights for the student samples for the national component of the 2002 NAEP assessment of reading and writing. The state assessment weighting pages describe the weighting methodology for fourth and eighth grade public school students in jurisdictions that participated in State NAEP (the state and national assessment samples overlap in this case: see NAEP 2002 Weighting for details). The national main assessment pages in the right sidebar cover weighting for fourth- and eighth-grade public school students in jurisdictions that did not participate in the state assessment, all twelfth-grade public school students, and private school students.

In addition to final sample weights, replicate weights were generated for each school and student in order to use them in variance estimates. A discussion of replicate weights for the purpose of computing variance estimates, including the general theory behind the replicate weights and variance estimation in NAEP, can be found on the page Replicate Variance Estimation.

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