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Additional Quality Control Checks

To enhance the procedures for delivery of the 2000 state assessment student weights data to the data analysis staff, the sampling and weighting staff delivered data files to the data analysis staff after completion of important quality control steps during the weighting process. These check points were the following:

  • edits and

  • student base weights.

The last check point was the delivery of the final student weights.

The first two deliveries were for ten mutually agreed upon states. The ten states were California, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Texas. Additional deliveries were included to highlight important issues such as student administration code changes or outlier situations with the weight components.

In the first delivery after the sampling and weighting staff completed their reconciliation work, four files were delivered for fourth-grade mathematics: fourth-grade science, eighth-grade mathematics, and eighth-grade science for the 10 states noted above. A fifth file contained the records for which the administration code had been changed.

The next delivery, noted in the introduction, conformed as much as possible to the final student layout. The sampling and weighting staff included this layout with each delivery after the student base weights were created.

The sampling and weighting staff prepared and delivered a log of special cases, unusual circumstances, and procedural exceptions to the data analysis staff. The log alerted the data analysts of several special situations and the resolution of each.

Last updated 04 March 2008 (PE)

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