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Student Nonresponse Adjustment for the 2000 National Main Assessment

The student nonresponse adjustment procedure inflates the weights of participating students in a given assessment to account for the eligible students invited to the assessment that were absent in either the scheduled or a makeup session. These inflation factors compensate the weights for the loss of data associated to the absent students. Just like its counterpart at the school level, the student nonresponse adjustment is intended to reduce the mean square error of national main assessment estimates.

The student nonresponse procedure is done separately by grade and subject. Initial student nonresponse adjustment cells are defined the same by grade and subject. The cells are defined hierarchically by final school nonresponse cell, modal age status and race/ethnicity classification. In each nonresponse adjustment cell h, the student nonresponse adjustment factor STUNRADJh is:

STUNRADJ sub h equals open paren summation over B sub h of STU_WT sub i closed paren divided by summation over C sub h of STU_WT sub i


  • STU_WTi is the initial student weight for student i in nonresponse cell h,

  • Bh is the set of non-excluded eligible students in nonresponse cell h who were sampled for subject s, and

  • Ch is the set of students in nonresponse cell h who were assessed in subject s.

Assessed students receive nonresponse adjustment factors. Excluded students receive nonresponse adjustment factors of 1.0.

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