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Reporting Weights for the 2000 National Main Assessment


Initial Student Weight

Student Nonresponse Adjustment

Student Trimming Adjustment

Reporting Factor

Poststratification Adjustment

After student trimming, weighting continues in two parallel processes. Reporting weights are the result of one of these  processes, and modular weights are the result of the other. Reporting weights are used to derive all estimates of population and student reporting group characteristics that have been presented in various NAEP reports. This includes estimates such as the proportion of students of a specified type who would respond in a certain way to an item and more complex estimates, such as mean proficiency levels.

The final student reporting weight, FSTUWT, for each reporting population R2 or R3 was derived from the following components:



  • STU_WT = the initial student weight, which includes components for the school base weight, school trimming, school nonresponse, and various student sampling factors;

  • STUNRADJ = student nonresponse adjustment factor;

  • STU_TRIM = student trimming adjustment factor;

  • RPT_FCTR = reporting factor; and

  • RPTPS_AD = poststratification adjustment factor.

There are two sets of final student reporting weights: one for R2 and one for R3.

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