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Training the Scoring Supervisors

The scoring supervisor's role is critical to the quality of the NAEP scoring process. The information provided during supervisor training sessions is derived in part from the earlier sessions of training the scoring trainers and includes

  • an overview of the NAEP program,
  • specifics regarding the NAEP subject area frameworks, and
  • details related to all project specifications and trend-scoring processes.

These processes include emphasizing the importance of continuously monitoring and backreading throughout current year and trend-scoring sessions.

The supervisor training sessions provide supervisors with ample opportunity to understand scoring system protocols through hands-on scoring and monitoring activities associated with a mock training exercise. These activities will allow the supervisors to practice responding appropriately to a typical scoring session by providing an opportunity to participate in backreading activities, examining scoring disagreements, running and reading reports, monitoring scoring with reports, logging daily events, and generally maneuvering through the electronic scoring system.  Current year monitoring procedures are also part of supervisor training.

In addition, scoring supervisors will have the opportunity to become familiar with content by reviewing items while working with trainers. For all subject areas to be scored, supervisor training sessions may occur in phases, with the final session occurring no later than the week before scoring begins. Supervisor training ranges from three to five days, depending on the subject area being scored.  After content training, supervisors qualify on items requiring qualification.

Last updated 15 July 2008 (PE)

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