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Training Packets

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Scoring Guide

Anchor Papers

Practice Sets

Qualifying Sets

Training Scorers in Trend Items

Writing Scoring Specifications

At the beginning of scorer item training, each scorer is given his or her own training packet. Training Packets include the following:

  • Texts, ancillaries, etc.
  • Item
  • Scoring guide
  • Anchor papers
  • Practice set(s)
  • Qualifying sets

Scorers read the item and any accompanying materials, such as a reading passage or ancillary materials (e.g., cartoons, graphs, maps, brochures), and, sometimes, adjacent items (items intended to be scored in sequence), as appropriate.

The trainer reads the item aloud, and then reads the description for each score category level from the scoring guide. After this, the trainer and scorers proceed through the training set, starting with anchor papers and then practice sets.

Last updated 01 October 2008 (GF)

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