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School and Student Participation in the 2007 State Assessment


Response Rates of Fourth-Grade School Sample by Participating Jurisdiction

Response Rates of Eighth-Grade School Sample by Participating Jurisdiction

Weighted Student Response Rates and Exclusion Rates for the Mathematics Assessment

Weighted Student Response Rates and Exclusion Rates for the Reading Assessment

Weighted Student Response Rates and Exclusion Rates for the Writing Assessment

In all cases in the 2007 state assessment, the weighted response rates for schools in each jurisdiction exceeded the 85 percent standard established by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). As participation is mandatory by law, the use of substitute schools for nonresponding schools was not permitted. 

In every NAEP survey, some of the sampled students are not assessed for the following reasons:

Withdrawn students are those who have left the school before the original assessment. Excluded students are those who cannot be assessed, even with an accommodation, because they are classified as SD and/or ELL. Other students who were absent for the initial session are assessed in the makeup session. The last category includes students who were not excluded (i.e., “were to be assessed”) but were not assessed either due to absence from both sessions or because of a refusal to participate. Assessed students are also classified as assessed without an accommodation or assessed with an accommodation. The latter group can be divided into SD students assessed with an accommodation, ELL students assessed with an accommodation, or students who are both SD and ELL and accommodated. Note that some SD and ELL students are assessed without accommodations, and students neither SD nor ELL can only be assessed without an accommodation.

The weighted response rates utilize the student base weights and indicate the weighted percentage of assessed students among all students to be assessed. The exclusion rates, in contrast, provide the weighted percentage of excluded SD or ELL students among all absent, assessed, and excluded students

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