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Sampling Frame for the 2007 State Assessment


Fourth- and Eighth-Grade Schools and Enrollment in Public School Sampling Frame

New-School Sampling Frame

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Drawing the school samples for the 2007 assessments required a comprehensive list of public schools in each jurisdiction containing information for stratification purposes. As in previous NAEP assessments, the Common Core of Data (CCD) file developed by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) was used to construct the sampling frame. The CCD file corresponding to the 2004-2005 school year provided the frame for all regular and state-operated public, Bureau of Indian Education (BIE), and Department of Defense (DOD) domestic schools in the United States and its territories, DOD international schools, and schools in Puerto Rico.

The sampling frame excluded ungraded schools, vocational schools with no enrollment, special education-only schools, prison and hospital schools, virtual or online schools, home-school entities, and juvenile correctional institutions. 

For quality control purposes, school and student counts from the NAEP 2007 sampling frame were compared to school and student counts from previous frames (2005 and 2006). No revisions to the frame were needed as a result of this check.

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