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Materials Processing Quality Assurance Tracking Reports

The NAEP Process Control System (PCS) produces various status reports. A receipt control status report is designed to track the receipt of material from the schools. The report is sorted by school number and displays participation status, scheduled administration date, and shipment receipt date. The comment field in this report shows any school for which a shipment has not been received within three days of the scheduled assessment date.

The Processing Status Report is divided into two sections. The first section is sorted by school and grade within each assessment. Section Two of the report, called the PCS Exceptions Report, lists only those schools and sessions with an issue related to processing (e.g., sessions not returned within three days of the scheduled assessment date or schools/sessions given a completeness flag). Once all issues are resolved for a school, the school is taken off of the Exceptions Report.

A school or session is added to the PCS Exceptions Report if

  • any session in the school is assigned a Completeness Flag (I, A, or M), in which case all sessions for a school are printed in the report;

  • any session is listed as "not cooperating" but the session data is present;

  • a school and/or session was shipped, is now listed as "not cooperating," and the materials are not received at the materials processing center;

  • there is no receipt date noted, but preliminary counts or actual counts have been entered into the PCS system; or

  • the receipt date is more than four days from the assessment date.

A school or session is removed from the PCS Exceptions Report when any of the following conditions if

  • its flag (I, A, or M) has a resolution ID keyed into the PCS system;

  • a data collection staff member notifies the materials processing center staff, and the materials-processing staff change the disposition to "cooperating;"

  • the receipt date is present and all sessions have a Completeness Flag of "R" unless they were dropped;

  • NAEP staff at the materials processing center fix the file; or

  • all sessions have preliminary dates or completeness flags present, or a session is a dropped session.

An Alert Report lists all information and problem alerts recorded on the online system in the PCS for a school or session. On a weekly basis, these reports are distributed among key scoring and data collection staff.

Last updated 27 June 2008 (TS)

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