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Processing Assessment Materials → Processing of Student Booklets and Questionnaires → Receiving and Scanning Student Booklets and Questionnaires

Receiving and Scanning Student Booklets and Questionnaires



Electronic Data Capture and Exchange

Batching of Booklets

Batching and Scanning of Questionnaires

Shipments are to be returned to NAEP materials staff packaged in their original boxes. The bar coded labels applied during the distribution phase containing the NAEP school ID number are scanned into a PC file upon receipt. The file is then transferred to the mainframe, and the shipment receipt dates are applied to the appropriate school within the Process Control System (PCS), providing the status of receipts regardless of any processing delays. Each receipt is reflected on the PCS status report provided to the materials staff and supplied to test developers and data collection staff through a weekly electronic file transfer. Printed copies of the report are also available upon request.

The materials staff then checks the shipment upon opening each box to verify that the contents match the school and session indicated on the label. Each shipment is checked for completeness and accuracy. Any shipment not received within 5 days of the scheduled assessment date is flagged in the PCS system and annotated on the PCS exceptions report. The administration status of these delayed shipments is checked and, in some cases, a trace is initiated on the shipment.

When all boxes from a single school are received, a completeness flag is applied to each session in the PCS. This indicates the status of the individual session or sessions.

The shipment is checked to verify that all booklets preprinted or hand-written on the administration schedule have been returned with the shipment and that all administration codes match, from booklet covers to the administration schedule. If discrepancies are discovered at any step in this process, the receiving staff issues an alert to facilitate tracking. If the administrator indicates that a make-up session is being held, the documents are placed in a holding area until the make-up session documents have arrived. If no make-up session is indicated, the data collection staff supervisor is contacted for the status of the missing materials. If the missing materials are to be returned, the documents already received are held until that time. If the materials are not being returned, processing continues, and the appropriate administration code is applied to the administration schedule for the missing booklets.

The next processing step is transcribing the data received from each session.

Last updated 19 September 2014 (GF)