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NAEP Technical DocumentationQuestionnaires and Tracking Forms


Questionnaires and Tracking Forms for Each Assessment

2013 Assessment

2012 Assessment

2011 Assessment

2010 Assessment

2009 Assessment

2008 Assessment

2007 Assessment

2006 Assessment

2005 Assessment

2004 Assessment

2003 Assessment

2002 Assessment

2001 Assessment

2000 Assessment

The materials staff ship questionnaires and tracking forms to the data collection staff in December of the year prior to the assessment:

  • Questionnaires, like the test booklets, are given a unique bar code. They are then grouped into a pre-determined package size.

  • The first type of tracking form—rosters of questionnaires—are shipped to the data collection staff for recording questionnaires given to each school. Preprinted school information is applied before shipping to reduce the burden on personnel who enter information on each roster.

  • The second type of tracking form—administration schedules with preprinted student IDs and session information—are also sent to data collection staff.

Names of students who have participated in the assessment are never removed from the school premises to ensure that all personally identifiable information about students, their education performance, and their families remains confidential. The administration schedule, containing the names of participating students within the school, is a multi-part form. The section of the form with the students' names is removed and left in the school storage envelope before the administration schedule is returned to the materials processing center. In lieu of the student's name, an ID number is assigned to each completed booklet. This ID number allows data from student booklets and questionnaires to be matched during analysis.


Last updated 28 June 2017 (GF)