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Distribution of Materials for the 2000 Assessment


Science Kits Created for the 2000 Assessment

In the NAEP state assessments, session and school materials are sent to individual schools. In 2000, distribution of materials was accomplished in four waves of shipment dates, one fewer wave than in previous assessments. Due to the weekly updates from NAEP field staff with additional schools and schools moving test dates to earlier dates, mini-waves were scheduled. These were done on a weekly basis. There were a total of eight mini-waves. All school materials were sent directly to an assessment administrator at a school or school district. Materials for American Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, and the Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS) were distributed approximately three weeks earlier than the first, in wave "zero." These shipments required an alternate carrier to ensure timely delivery.

Initially 6,266 individual sessions were shipped for 2,630 schools in the national main assessment. In the state assessment, 17,629 sessions were mailed to 12,865 schools. Approximately 5,000 additional shipments of booklets and miscellaneous materials were also sent out. The tables below show the total quantity of each item shipped out for initial distribution for the national main and state assessments.


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