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Development of the Economics Cognitive Items and Instruments


Student Booklets: 2012
Student Booklets: 2006

Number of Items: 2012
Number of Items: 2006

Common blocks: 2012

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The NAEP economics assessment was administered at grade 12 only in both 2006 and 2012 . Explore items released from the assessment in the NAEP Questions Tool.

The NAEP economics framework and the specifications documents act as guides for the item development efforts. Items were written by a team composed of NAEP item development staff, high school economics and social studies teachers, and postsecondary teachers around the country. All assessment materials were reviewed by members of the Economics Standing Committee (see the current committee members), as well as other specialists in education and assessment development.

The cognitive items for the assessment were assembled into 25-minute blocks containing a range of questions covering three economics content areas:

  • Market economy,
  • National economy, and
  • International economy.

Following approval from the National Center for Education Statistics, the blocks are assembled into booklets and distributed to schools for the administration of the assessment.

The number of cognitive items in the economics assessment is detailed in the NAEP Analysis and Scaling section.

Last updated 22 May 2014 (GF)