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Conduct of Assessment Sessions


General Sessions

Accommodation Sessions

Make-Up Sessions

Conducting Special Studies

The primary responsibility of the assessment teams is the conduct of the assessment sessions according to established procedures. Sessions are scripted so that all students are given the same instructions and opportunity to demonstrate what they know and can do. Assessment administrators (previously called exercise administrators) conduct the sessions under the supervision of their team's supervisor or assessment coordinator. Training of assessment administrators (AA) focuses on their responsibilities in the classroom and on reading the scripts verbatim in order to administer the sessions in a uniform manner.

At the start of each session, the AA checks attendance and distributes the assessment booklets and any other materials needed for the assessment. Each student was randomly selected and assigned to one of the subjects being assessed, and every assessment session includes many different booklets for each subject. Individual booklets are pre-assigned to students and the identification number of the booklet assigned to each student is listed on the Administration Schedule. As an added check to ensure that the correct booklet is provided to each student, the student's name appears on a peel-off label affixed to the booklet.

Using the script, the AA reads general instructions to the students, instructs them to remove the label with their name from the booklet cover, starts and ends each of the booklet sections, and collects all assessment materials at the end of the session before dismissing the students. While the students are working on the booklet sections, the AAs monitor to make sure that students are working in the correct booklet section and to discourage inappropriate or disruptive behavior.

These general procedures apply to all sessions involving paper-and-pencil administration or computer-based testing, including general sessions, make-up sessions, and separate accommodation sessions. Special scripts are used for separate accommodation sessions, but the procedures are the same.

Last updated 14 July 2011 (JL)