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NAEP Technical DocumentationTrial Urban District Assessments

The NAEP Trial Urban District Assessments (TUDA) are designed to explore the feasibility of using NAEP to report on the performance of public school students at the district level. As authorized by federal law, beginning in 2002 NAEP has been administered to samples of students in select urban districts. In 2003, TUDA began to be administered biennially in odd-numbered years in tandem with state assessments.

Sampled students in TUDA districts are assessed in the same subjects and use the same field materials as students selected as part of national main or state samples. TUDA results are reported separately from the state in which the TUDA is located, but results are not reported for individual students or schools.

Learn more about the districts that have participated in TUDA.

Last updated 17 April 2017 (GF)