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Debriefing the School Coordinators

Field staff complete a school coordinator debriefing interview before departing the school on assessment day. The interview is designed to obtain school coordinators' feedback on a number of issues pertaining to the preassessment and assessment day processes, including:

  • how well preassessment informational and instructional materials prepared the school coordinator for performing required tasks;

  • what kind of feedback the school coordinator received from other school staff about the assessment;

  • whether anyone met with students prior to assessment day to explain the purpose of the assessment;

  • whether students received any special instructions to prepare them for the assessment or incentives from the school for participating in the assessment; and

  • how the school coordinator perceived the assessment went in the school.

While NAEP does not report the results of school coordinator debriefing interviews, the feedback is used to improve materials, procedures, and school and student participation.

Last updated 20 September 2010 (GF)

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