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NAEP Analysis and Scaling → Initial Activities → Constructed-Response Interrater Reliability → Range of Response Codes, Percent Agreement, and Cohen's Kappa or Intraclass Correlation for the Constructed-Response Items Used in Scaling, Age 9 Reading Long-Term Trend Assessment, by Item and Block: 2008

Range of response codes, percent agreement, and Cohen's Kappa or intraclass correlation for the constructed-response items used in scaling, age 9 reading long-term trend assessment, by item and block: 2008
Block Item Range of response codes Sample size Percent agreement Cohen’s Kappa Intraclass correlation
— Note available. The intraclass correlation is not reported for dichotomously scored items; Cohen's Kappa is not reported for polytomously scored items.
NOTE: Cohen's Kappa is a measure of reliability that is appropriate for items that are dichotomously scored. The intraclass correlation coefficient is most appropriate for items with more than two categories. Item statistics in this table are described on the page Blocks of Items.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2008 Reading Long-Term Trend Assessment.
R21 N021203 1–5 600 80 0.80
R23 N021803 1–4 600 95 0.95
R24 N022103 1–4 600 86 0.86
R25 N022405 1–4 600 87 0.87

Last updated 24 October 2011 (JL)